Sweater weather? This is the perfect time to cozy up with a cup of Joe! Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends, get some work or studying done, take your S.O. on a fail-safe date, or just sit back with a PSL alone and just people-watch, here are 10 wonderfully cozy coffee shops in Calgary to do so! Enjoy!



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Right off the bat, we’ve got Alforno. If you know, then you know. This spot is (in our opinion) one of the cutest in the entire city – practically perfect for a coffee date, a meeting, or just a casual hang. Curl up by their fireplace for a top-notch coffee or one of their unique take on ‘cafe’-type food. Fancy a pizza and an espresso? This is the place.

Where: 222 7 St SW, Calgary



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Calgary’s Socality House has an incredibly simple, but effective concept. Here, the coffee is great and the space is comfortable relaxing and earthy – perfect for a fall hangout! Definitely check this one out!

Where:831 17 Ave SW Calgary



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Ah, Analog. If you’ve ever wandered 17th Avenue on a fall day, chances are you’ve ducked into this corner cafe. This seems to be a one-spot-fits-all in terms of season, comfort, and occasion. Analog is an incredibly charming, stereotypicaL ‘coffeeshop’ and is a great spot to get things done. No wonder we’ve never seen it NOT packed.

Where: 740 17 Ave SW, Calgary

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Philosafy is a trendy little spot on Calgary’s 17th Avenue – and with, what they claim to be, the best beans in the world, how could we not include them on our list? In addition to their top-notch brew, they’ve also got an incredibly warm interior perfect for clearing your head, getting some work done, or grabbing a coffee with someone special.

Where: 632 17 Avenue SW, Calgary


With so many adorable locations, all uniform in their warmth, how could we not include Rosso on this list?! This is the kind of joint to hit up if you’re looking to get productive, feel welcomed and support local! Coffee purists love this place for its laid-back, simplistic approach to ethically sourced roast, and we love it because it’s honestly just so darn comfortable. Check it out!

Where: Find Nearest Location Here


If a ‘little’ ambiance goes a long way, then how far does a lot go? Loophole has an incredibly warm vintage-type atmosphere and they serve an incredibly tasty cup of joe also, their staff is laid back and they know their craft – just in case you have any questions about their brew.

Where: 750 10th Street SW



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The Simmons Building is where a perfect day comes to a head. Whether you’re walking along the river or checking out the cute local shops, chances are you’ll wrap things up at either Phil and Sebastian for a coffee, a chat and a danish – or Charbar for dinner. This spot is romantic, warm and pretty quiet, especially considering you’re in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the city.

Where: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary



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While Cafe Alchemis has familiar sips, they’ve actually devoted a larger part of their menu to exposing customers to unique and unusual flavours which makes something as standard as getting a morning bevy exciting. Plus their interior is warm and inviting – as it should be!

Where: 850 2 Street Southwest, Calgary



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Caffe Beano is another coffee shop with a cult-like following. We’ve hardly ever seen this place without a lineup outside, but it’s rightfully earned. From their coffee black to their lattes and specialty drinks, these guys make a mean cup of cozy – but that’s hardly a surprise considering they’ve been in the game for 30 years.

Where:  1613 9th Street SW, Calgary



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Higher ground is Kensington’s warmest and most beloved coffee shop. It’s open late, makes for a great spot to get things done, and is just romantic, but casual enough for the perfect date. Also, they’ve got a pretty lengthy menu, so if you’re super particular like we are, you won’t have too much trouble finding a tasty sip.

Where: 1126 Kensington Rd, Calgary

There you have it, 10 cozy Calgary coffee shops. Hopefully, we’ve helped you out for your next study sesh, first date, or mid-day pick-me-up. Stay caffeinated, friends!