So, August is ending and the days are getting a little chillier. Luckily, that also means that we’re going to see some amazing fall colours around Alberta. And from hidden gems to major attractions, we’ve got a few ideas about where to go.

Here are 10 great places to see fall colours around Alberta.

Banff National Park

fall colours alberta banff

We’re starting things off with a few no-brainer picks. And, things don’t get much more straightforward than Banff National Park. Head into town or find a campsite, and spend your days exploring some of Canada’s most beautiful valleys and peaks.

Jasper National Park

fall colours alberta jasper

A little further north lies Jasper National Park. We personally like it just as much as Banff, plus, the landscape has been transformed by wildfires over the past few years. We’re recommending Jasper for those who want a little less hustle and bustle and a little more unique setting.

Larch Valley & Sentinel Pass Hike

larch valley

Alright, we mentioned Banff already but this specific hike deserves its own inclusion. When autumn rolls around, these stunning Larch trees turn a golden shade so beautiful that have to be seen to be believed. The hiking route can be as long as 10.9 km there and back, so be prepared to earn your views. But trust us, these are very, very worth it.

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Maligne Lake

maligne lake

In the same vein, if there’s one spot we recommend outside of Jasper it’s Maligne Lake. Plus, visiting during the shoulder season means it’ll be easier than ever to snag a spot on a boat tour. And as a final bonus, you can finally cross seeing Spirit Island off your bucket list.

Bragg Creek

fall colours alberta bragg creek

Located just outside of Calgary, Bragg Creek is a perfect destination for those looking for a quick day trip. Stroll along the many paths throughout the town, then grab a nice meal on a patio before you head back. It’s also a great roundtrip adventure for the committed cyclists out there.

Elk Island National Park

elk island

Elk Island, on the other hand, is a great day trip option for those living in or visiting Edmonton. Not only does the woodland setting make it perfect for a fall visit, but the area is also a bison refuge. Now that’s a truly rare animal sighting these days.

Waterton Lakes National Park

waterton lakes fall colours alberta

If you’ve got the time, then you might want to go check out this stunning national park in southern Alberta. Often overlooked in favour of Banff, Waterton Lakes offers a more serene and relaxed setting that the other mountain parks. Plus, it stays warmer longer!

Wood Buffalo National Park

wood buffalo

On the other hand, the truly devoted among us could go check out what is arguably the most impressive park in Alberta. Well, the biggest at the very least. Sprawling through Alberta and into the Northwest Territories, Wood Buffalo actually bigger than Switzerland. That right there puts it on our must-visit list.

Nose Hill Park

nose hill park fall colours alberta

We’re capping things off with great options in the city. And although we love Fish Creek Provincial Park, we have to give Nose Hill the nod for the views it offers of Calgary. Add a great trail network to the equation and you’ve got a top tier park right in your own backyard!

North Saskatchewan River Valley

river valley

We can’t pick one specific park for enjoying fall in Edmonton, so we’re just going with the River Valley. In fact, we’re recommending that you start above the valley, wind through it a little bit, then return to survey where you’ve come from. It’s the perfect afternoon activity.

And that’s our guide to the best places to see fall colours in Alberta! We hope that you enjoy the changing seasons, folks!