While he may be the greatest hockey player of all time – a psychic he is not. After a grueling battle of Alberta, record-breaking plays, games, and excitement, The Edmonton Oilers are headed to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs – exceeding the expectations of Flames fans, Calgary’s Mayor, and even Wayne Gretzky himself.

Earlier this month, in partnership with the National Hockey League, the former Centreman for the Oilers published a bracket detailing who he thought would win each series this season.

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Surprisingly, despite his legendary affiliation with the team, the GOAT actually put his money on the Flames – a decision that we’d imagine stings a little bit right now. 

Wayne, of course, was not alone in picking the Flames over the Oilers as his Conference final victors – Calgary’s mayor, Jyoti Gondek was so confident, she actually bet on it.

Unlike Gretzky (who loses nothing but the faith of some of his Edmonton fans) Gondek and the rest of council will now have to rep orange and blue at their next meeting and donate to an Edmonton-based cancer foundation.

As for the rest of Wayne’s predictions?

Well, while he was 8 for 8 in the first series – sending the both Alberta teams through, as well as Colorado, St. Louis, Carolina, Tampa, Florida, and the New York Rangers – the great one is 0-3 in the second round.

As most of you know, the Oilers will play the Colorado Avalance in the Western finals (both of which he said would not make it) and though Wayne said the Panthers would collect, Tampa actually beat Florida in game 6.

As for his last and final pick – he chose the Hurricanes to beat the Rangers who play their 7th game tonight at 6 pm MST.

It’s anyone’s game, really – so it’ll be interesting to see if he was right … especially because he said they’d be the ones taking the cup home at the end of the season.

it’s going to be an interesting one to watch, folks – so get ready! The most exciting games are yet to come!