Conference finals, that’s really all we need to say! The Oilers are facing off against the Avalanche starting tomorrow, and tickets for the upcoming home games are available. We say available, because, well, we don’t think we can swing actually buying one.

Tryna get a seat at the first home game of the series, which goes down this Saturday? You’re looking at a cool $550 or so (with fees) if going through the verified Ticketmaster site. Of course, you could try and get some from less official sources, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

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Tickets for next Monday’s game are cheaper, but not by that much. If you’re trying to get out to that game, then it’ll set you back a cool $430ish. Yeah, still not exactly something we can toss into the budget.

But honestly, we’re not too chapped about not getting tickets for Oilers home games this series. After all, Edmonton is home to a ton of amazing places to watch both home and away games, including the Ice District Plaza and Rogers Place itself! So, no matter what route you go, gear up for an incredible series.

And of course, let’s go Oilers!