Get ready Vancouver to roar with laughter. Because The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival is coming to the city for the first time ever with a hilarious weekend of non-stop laughs and knee-slapping fun at the iconic Stanley Park. And it’s bringing two comedy heavyweights to the stage: Russell Peters and Kevin Hart.

The two obviously need no intro. While one is a Canadian comedy sensation with a razor-sharp wit, the other is a comedic powerhouse who has conquered Hollywood. The two will be accompanied by Reggie Watts, Steph Tolev & more for two straight nights of comedy gold.

Taking its inclusivity policy very seriously, the fest will feature all forms of performance comedy, from locals to superstars. Translation: it will be one helluva fest.

Great Outdoors Comedy Festival Vancouver
Photo via Great Outdoors Comedy Festival

Frankly, given the fest’s reputation across Canada, we were expecting a killer line-up of artists. It is after all The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t be overjoyed by their headliner announcement. And so we are!

While we are still awaiting the release of the rest of the line-up, guess it is safe to assume it will be nothing short of impressive.

Like its Calgary and Edmonton counterparts, The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival 2023 Vancouver is going to be more than just a comedy extravaganze. Sure, the comedic acts are the main event but the gigs come with a side of mouthwatering food, refreshing drinks and an all-around awesome time.

The festival grounds will feature a delectable array of local food and beverage vendors, ensuring that you won’t go hungry or thirsty while laughing your heart out. Savour a mouthwatering snack or raise a glass of your favourite libation as you enjoy the comedic genius unfolding before your eyes.

Great Outdoors Comedy Festival Vancouver
Photos via Great Outdoors Comedy Festival

As it happens, this great comedy fest is just as great for the planet, courtesy of their commitment to sustainability. The whole fest is organized with a huge focus on green event practices. This includes everything from reduced carbon footprint to thoughtful planning around waste manufacturing and operations.

Come Friday, September 15th and Saturday, September 16th, the festival will take over the park with its side-splitting shows. So, mark your calendars and gear up for the uproarious riot that will be The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival.


Tickets to the show will go on sale for the public on July 13th. There is, however, an Alumni sale on July 11th AND a pre-sale for Curiocity readers on July 12th from 10 AM – 11:59 PM. The code for the pre-sale is CURIOCITY. Given how fast the tickets get wiped out, you defs need the pre-sale, trust us!

In addition to the General Admission that gives you access to a nice, open grassy space, there is also VIP reserved seating. This is where you can experience the fun up close while enjoying the VIP table service.

Head over to the fest’s official website below to get your hands on the tickets before they sell out!