Hoo boy, fellow outdoors enthusiasts! The insanely cold weather has finally pumped the brakes a little bit, and we’re celebrating with a roundup of the best hills to go sledding around Edmonton! After all, what beats sliding down on a hill on a magic carpet (or a GT Racer, you baller) and reliving some of the snow days we all remember so fondly?

Here are 10 great sledding hills to check out around Edmonton.

Gallagher Park

The biggest hill on this list, Gallagher Park offers a little something for everyone. Hang out on the more relaxed portion for some easy gliding, or trek all the way up to the top and see how fast you can go. You’ll be looking like Danny DeVito in Deck the Halls in no time.

Where: 9505 96 Avenue NW

Government Hill

Located right beside Groat Bridge, this hill offers a beautiful view of the river valley and is conveniently located near the heart of the city. It’s almost guaranteed to be less busy than the other places on this list, so great if you’re looking for less crowded areas.

Where: 9938 Groat Road NW

Queen Elizabeth Park

Another centrally-located option, Queen Elizabeth Park offers a very nice spot to go sledding. Plus, it’s location in the River Valley makes it an easy spot for those looking for a full day of winter activities to enjoy!

Where: 10380 Queen Elizabeth Park Road

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Rundle Park

Rundle Park features not one but two separate sledding hills. ACT Hill offers a more general experience, while Walton’s Mountain is a steeper option. We say check them both out- warm up at ACT Hill, then go hang out with the big kids at Walton’s.

Where: 2903 113 Avenue

Castle Downs Park

A great neighbourhood spot in the city, Castle Downs Park offers the quintessential after-school sledding experience. While this area is a lot more popular in the summer, it’s absolutely worth a trip in the winter, as well.

Where: 11520 153 Avenue NW

Parkwest Toboggan Bowl

Safe, fun, and not overly crowded is what you’ll get at this toboggan bowl. There’s a solid variety of sledding paths meaning that thrill-seekers and casual sliders alike can both have a heck of a time.

Where: 18725 95 Avenue NW

Seven Hills

Even though this one is in St. Albert and not Edmonton proper, it’s still definitely worth checking out. This has been a popular spot for generations of sledders so if it’s stood the test of time, you know it’s worth a slide.

Where: 13 Mission Avenue, St. Albert

Emily Murphy Park

This park is great for smaller children or those looking for a more relaxed time at the hill. Plus, it faces the parking lot, which makes it easy to hang out in the car in between your runs. If that’s not a mix of fun and convenience, then we don’t know what is.

Where: 11624 Saskatchewan Drive NW

Whitemud Park

We’ve saved the most convenient spot on this list for last. Out of all these places, Whitemud Park’s hill is the only one that features a staircase alongside it. That’s right, no more trudging through snow for 5 mins, the future is here.

Where: 13204 Fox Drive NW

And that’s our roundup of some great sledding hills in Edmonton to check out this winter! We want snow, we don’t want cold- this is our mantra for the next few months.