It’s time to take the scenic route! The Grand River Route is one of the prettiest driving roads in Ontario and here’s why you need to check it out this fall.

The Grand River Route, not too far from Hamilton and Highway 403, offers a peaceful and fun-filled journey along the beautiful Grand River.

If you don’t know, the Grand River is absolutely massive — 310 km, to be exact.

It flows all throughout southcentral Ontario, flowing through various towns, past forests, between limestone cliffs, and even tumbles down a 15-metre waterfall in Elora, says the Canadian Encyclopedia.

This river is one of Canada’s cherished Heritage Rivers — there are only 40 of them across the country.

As you drive along the road, you’ll be mesmerized by views of the waterway.

It’s a precious part of the remaining Carolinian Forests here in Ontario and houses more than half of the fish species found in Canada.

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Photo via Harold Stiver / Shutterstock

When you’re ready for a pit stop, you’ll have plenty of incredible options in Haldimand County.

In Caledonia, Cayuga, and Dunnville along the Grand River, you’ll find some great restaurants and local shops.

You can also stop and soak up the scenic beauty at numerous parks and viewpoints lining the river’s edge.

As you can imagine, the Carolinian forests are a sight to behold in the autumn, as the leaves transform into canopies of gold, orange, and crimson.

So, pack the car with your favourite people and start planning that picture-perfect road trip!