Did you know that Schitt’s Creek was filmed in a small hamlet just a short drive away from Toronto? And it looks just as it does on the show! The town of Goodwood Ontario is next on our small towns list and it’s a must-visit, especially if you’re a fan of the Canadian hit show.

Though it’s been about three years since the show ended, the town will always be a beloved tourist attraction. It’s about an hour’s drive northeast of Toronto, just past Whitchurch-Stouffville.

According to Destination Ontario, you’ll be able to spot multiple Schitt’s Creek landmarks in town. It is important to note that many of these spots are private property so make sure to respect the space if you do end up visit.

You’ll easily spot Tyla’s Cafe Tropical, the local hub for cafe food, and the only spot to get Surprise-Me-Smoothies and green-free salads. The real building is privately owned and is on the corner of Front Street and Highway 47, according to Destination Ontario.

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Another recognizable destination is Rose Apothecary. This iconic location is where David Rose and partner Patrick opened their general store.

But it was actually a local knitting shop called Romni Goodwood, full of knitting supplies. According to the knitting shop’s website, that location is now permanently closed.

Stop by Bob’s Garage, the auto shop where Johnny Rose tries to set up an office.

According to Destination Ontario, though it may still look the same as it does in the show, it is an operating factory.

Last but not least is the old Town Hall used as Schitt’s Creek’s Town Hall. Relive those councilor meetings, the Jazzagals rehearsals, and more.

But in reality, it’s home Goodwood’s Lion’s Club, per Destination Ontario.

What about The Rosebud Motel?! Well, believe it or not, it’s actually NOT in Goodwood. The real-life building is located in Mono, Ontario – about an hour and a half away from Goodwood. So if you’re up for the drive, you can do it all in a single day.

Now this is truly day trip material! What spot are you taking a picture at first?