There’s no other way to put it: good news is almost always better than bad news. And boy do we have some great news for you this week. From across the country, there are good things happening every single day and we’ve compiled a little list for you to see all the great, happy things going on. So, sit back this Friday morning, relax and give these stories a read.

Ocean Wise Has Launched a New Plastic Reduction Program

We all hate plastic being in the ocean, that’s safe to say. And, Ocean Wise’s new Plastic Reduction Program is trying to get consumers to take a look at their plastic consumption and how often they throw the stuff away. With tips for both individuals and food professionals, it’s another great step to make the ocean cleaner!

Canada is a Top Country For Nude Sunbathing

Feeling that hot sun on your bare bottom is one of the greatest pleasures of life, at least that’s what we’ve heard. In a recent list done by the swimsuit company Pour Moi, Canada has been named one of the best places to get some great birthday suit suntanning in. So, find your local topless or nude beach and say goodbye to tan lines!

The Sinixt Nation has been ruled not extinct by the Supreme Court

The Sinixt Nation of the Interior of BC has been, for many years, considered extinct by the Canadian government, until this week! After a decade of fighting in court, the Supreme Court has recognized that the nation does in fact exist. This means its members are afforded all the rights that other Indigenous nations do across Canada. Awesome!

The CFL Is Back This Year

Canadian Football fans rejoice! The CFL has announced that they are going to be playing in the 2021 season. Hut! Like basically everything else on the planet, the CFL was postponed last year. But, the league has announced that they will be playing this year. While it’s unsure how it will look, we’re super excited to see our favourite teams out there again.

New Global Ranking Features 5 Canadian Universities

That’s right. We don’t need to tell you that Canada has some tip-top schools, but a recent list basically confirms that. Based on their “impact” which includes stuff like community and culture, Schools like Queen’s University (which was on top), UBC and U of T all were featured. Check out the full list by clicking that header.

See! We told you good news is better than bad news! So take some of the smiles you got from these stories and go out and share them with the world, safely of course.