You know what they say about good news, it’s like bad news but the opposite. And every week it’s nice to get some good news in our system to root out any of those negative vibes. We like to think of ourselves as a neti pot of goodness flushing out your sinus that’s backed up with negativity. Okay, that’s maybe a gross image, but, we’re sticking to it.

Here are 5 good news stories from across Canada this week.

The McDonald’s Smarties McFlurry is back

It feels like longer, but it’s been 6 years since we had a Smarties McFlurry. Which is a crazy long time without one of our favourite fast-food desserts. To be honest, we were starting to lose our minds a bit. However, no more worries because it’s back baby!

A ‘wine village’ is opening in BC this year

No, a ‘wine village’ is not somewhere you send your kids to if they won’t stop complaining. But, it’s actually a place for wine lovers to try around 16 local wines all in one central location. The wine village opens up this summer in the Okanagan and it’s going to be a dream bucket-list location for years to come. Trust us, you’re going to want to add this to your post-pandemic travels ASAP.

Vancouver, Hamilton and others ranked best cities in Canada to live in as a youth

Youth may be wasted on the young, but these cities are not a waste if you’re young. A new ranking of the best cities to live in if you’re young in Canada was put together by an organization called Youthful Cities. Unsurprisingly, Vancouver tops the list, but Hamilton and a few other surprises made the cut.

A new movie about a UBC professor with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall is being made

A movie is being made about a world-famous ecologist and UBC professor of Forestry. The story of Dr. Suzanne Simard is going to be the subject of a new movie made by the two best actors in the biz. Not much is known yet, other than Amy Adams starring and Gyllenhall’s company producing, but it’s very exciting to see a Canadian story featured on the big screen. As UBC alumni, we’re very curious to see what these A-listers do with her story.

Over 1,000 new patios are coming to Toronto this summer

Toronto is a well-known patio city. After the brutal winter, it’s basically necessary to eat, drink and hang out in the sun. So, it’s great to see more patio space being opened across the city. Especially with the current restrictions on in-door dining. Bring on the summer vibes!

Now you can go into the rest of your Friday with happiness, good cheer, and maybe a little less weight on your shoulders.

Have a great weekend!