This summer, our goal is to cross off as many items on our local bucket list as possible and first on the docket? Eating a meal entirely with our hands at Good Knights Alberta!

Located in Three hills about an hour and a half southeast of Calgary, this enchanting destination is Alberta’s answer to the world-famous Medieval Times experience – except, in our opinion, it’s better.


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Whether you’re a fan of classics like The Princess Bride and The Lord of The Rings, are a history buff or just like trying new things, The Good Knights Medieval Camp is unlike any place you’ll have visited before.

Born in 2008, this immersive concept has evolved from a small annual feast to a thriving business enjoyed by die-hard fans of a far-gone era. Turns out, adults really miss playing pretend.

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Offering a variety of deluxe experiences, guests are encouraged to stay in authentic tents and participate in feasts, reenactments, duels, markets and everything in between.

Interested? You can rent one of their many luxury sites for anywhere between $250 to $410 per night – which is peanuts, considering the fact that it’s practically time travel.

Check it out and enjoy, Calgary


Where: Three Hills, AB
Cost: $250+ / Night