When you think of magical sightseeing excursions, what view-heavy destination comes to mind? We’d be willing to bet that the Alps or the Rockies would top your list – but what about midpoint Alberta?

Aptly named company, Prairie Sky Gondola, wants to put Red Deer on Canada’s radar with the announcement of a newly proposed urban ropeway across the city’s central river – and yes, we’re serious!

Despite being known by most as the middle point between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer actually has a ton to offer its visitors from Discovery Canyon to Heritage Ranch  – but these attractions are just the beginning.

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“This project will highlight the natural beauty in our community while creating an attraction and destination in the heart of Capstone,” said Mayor Ken Johnston in a statement.

“The gondola will be an added tourism destination, the success of which will extend to local businesses and inspire further development.”

As of right now – nothing is set in stone, but this 350-meter pulse gondola over the Red Deer River (which would connect the Capstone and Bower Ponds Recreation Centre) is worth keeping your eye on.

In order to take the next step, the company and the city would first have write up a memorandum of understanding – but with the Mayors support, we don’t think that’ll be all that difficult.

Of course, only time will tell!

Red Deer is making waves, Alberta – and we can’t wait to see what comes next.