Alberta has no shortage of incredible places to explore, but few are as enchanting as Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

Located northwest of Calgary, this big green playground and active ranch is home to wildlife, lush plants and towering trees as far as the eye can see.

With 28 kilometres of pathways, Glenbow is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, high-speed run, or a picnic in the summertime.

Here, over 3,200 acres of native fescue grasslands are protected and creatures big and small roam freely, which you can do yourself – unless you want to learn a thing or two!

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From Moose to bumblebees, there’s plenty to see, photograph and appreciate, especially with the help of a trusty guide. 

Whether you prefer to discover its beauty by foot, bike, or golf cart, the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation, offers interactive tours that are open for bookings now.

Camping, however, is not permitted – so while it’s tempting to lounge after dark, this area is day use only!

Want to check it out? Be kind, be respectful, be sure to check the Alberta Parks website before hitting the hills as some trails may be closed and enjoy!

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Alberta

Where: 255001 Glenbow Rd, Cochrane, AB