Canada is known for its beautiful lakes, gorgeous landscapes, and a few notable landmarks but did you know it’s also home to one of the ‘most stunning ghost cinemas’ across the globe. We’re talking on an international scale, ranked beside some of the world’s most historical and extravagant venues.

These abandoned, deteriorating and at times creepy spaces have been around for centuries and the stories behind them are equally as intriguing.

In a new list by Time Out, it shared 11 of “The most stunning ghost cinemas in the world” according to veteran photographer Simon Edelstein’s book ‘Abandoned Cinemas of the World’.

A few of these venues have been repurposed while others have simply been abandoned. In the case of Montreal’s Cinema Le Chateau, it’s currently being used for something else.

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According to the list, this spot is fourth on the ranking. What was once a bustling movie theatre has now become a place of worship

Once upon a time, this Art Deco building was a fixture for mostly French-speaking cinemagoers in this working-class corner of the city. Its facade remains: floral and pre-Columbian motifs, and enough gold leaf to make Smaug’s eyes water,” shares Time Out.

Other venues include Havana, Cuba’s Teatro Campoamor; Connecticut, USA’s Loew’s Majestic Theater; Jaipur, India’s Ram Prakash Theatre.

For the full list of abandoned cinemas, click here.