Movie lovers, another golden age of trips to the theatre might be upon us, which has not been seen the ill-fated MoviePass (RIP) of years gone by. The first edition of the revived Cineplex Magazine had an ad that really caught our attention, so let’s check it out!

Turns out, they’re planning on releasing a new subscription service. The ‘CineClub’ offers discounted ticket prices, 20% off concession prices, and most importantly, 1 free movie every month. And at just $9.99/month, you’re already getting your money back and more on the first show you watch!

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We’ve been spending a lot of time with movies these past few months/years, so we’ve got a hunch about the plan. Not only does this pass cost as much as the average streaming service, but it actually makes it cheaper to go to a theatre to watch something new than stream it at home. Well, at least for the blockbuster titles, and for like 3 people or less. But still, it’s way more competitive now (and with cheaper popcorn too? It’s a no-brainer).

More details will be released when the new CineClub subscription goes live on Wednesday, August 11th. We’ll make sure to update you if there are any major announcements!