Vampires beware! Granary Road’s Garlic Fest, the year’s smelliest event, is just around the corner and you’re going to want your taste buds to take the lead.

Known for its unique offerings and aromatic activities, Garlic Fest is a memorable experience, unlike all other Calgary food festivals.

While not for everyone, those with a taste for pungent flavours will be encouraged to learn, play games, wander the market and of course – stuff their face with the featured ingredient.

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With a clove in every colour, sink your teeth into everything from garlic bread to garlic pizza before heading to the world’s most judgment-free zone – the goat pen (because they’re even smellier than you) all amongst like-minded individuals!

Now, this probably isn’t the BEST first-date destination, but it will be pretty interesting, especially if you like to cook – so check it out!

It’s going to be a stinking good time!


When: Saturday, September 10th – 11th
Where: 226066 112 Street W, Foothills No. 31, AB
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Cost: $13+