Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut through the clutter of online dating and just filter for people who want the same thing as you?  

Well, you can! And it all starts with a fruit emoji…

Fruitz is the trendy Gen-Z dating app that’s on a mission to make modern dating straightforward. The app is cute, colourful, and lets users use fruit emojis to communicate what kind of relationship they’re looking for.

Still confused? Here’s what we mean:

🍒 = Looking for a serious relationship
🍇 = In the mood for a fun, casual date
🍉 = Searching for a fruit with benefits
🍑 = A single evening, no strings attached

This dating app’s fun, no B.S. approach has become a huge hit with Gen-Z, and they’ve just introduced the perfect thing for the holidays…

A holiday hotline!

Chat, connect and share your stories of hilarity and heartbreak – all within a safe and anonymous space through a simple WhatsApp number: +33 756948223

This hotline is here to offer emotional support for the holiday season. Whether you need a sympathetic ear, have some intimate questions, or just want a place to share your funny dating anecdotes. 

So, if you’re looking for a holidate, a meaningful connection, or just need a space to vent – try Fruitz! It’s a modern way to navigate the world of dating with authenticity and some fun emojis. 🍒 🍇 🍉 🍑


Fruitz App is all about self-love, friendship, and diverse forms of happiness. This inclusive approach sets Fruitz apart as a platform that values the emotional well-being of its users and aims to create a supportive community, especially during the holiday season.