Trust Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) to give us an awe-inspiring insight into nature with their edutaining exhibits. And they are at it yet again with their recently launched family-friendly exhibit, Frogs! Yes, the epic amphibian exhibit is back by popular demand!

Starting Friday, January 20th to Sunday, April 16th, you can catch live frogs and tadpoles, marvel at their many colours, explore their wetland habitats and more. Basically, RBG is turning into a hub of “toadally ribbiting” fun for the next three months.


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Like years past, Frogs! the exhibition comes with a ton of other programming that makes Royal Botanical Gardens a great place to be right now. Whether you’re planning a fun activity for the little ones around you, looking to bring your nature nerd on or simply need a quirky date idea.

Here’s what you can expect from the exhibition—

Photo via Royal Botanical Gardens

The actual exhibit

There are two different yet related Frogs! exhibits. First is the live frog exhibit, Frogs: A Chorus of Colours. This features 15 different species of frogs from around the globe including a few local species. The second is a smaller exhibit, The Frog Pond. This is where you can spot and get friendly with frogs, turtles and other animals and plants living in wetlands. And also discover how wetlands support the environment.

Discovery Show

This is an interactive program that the garden has aptly labelled a “frog-tastic” experience. The show takes you on an imaginary expedition to a wetland. You can explore the many species that live in wetlands and be amazed by their remarkable adaptations.

Puppet Show

This is one for the toad-loving kiddos. A puppet show featuring the cute amphibians themselves. Kids get to learn all about wetlands, the wetland animals and what makes them special from the animals themselves. While the show is for kids, the wild tales are fun for everyone, especially those trying to relive their Sesame Street days.

Field Trips

It’s fun, it’s exploratory and it’s informative. The place has field trip written all over it. But if, as an educator, you still need more, there are also educational programs for ECE to Grade 8. There are also special youth evenings for Scout, Guide or 4-H groups.

After Dark Evenings

As fascinating as these colourful creatures are, the frog exhibit makes for one heck of a nightlife experience. And so, adults 19 and above can be on the grounds after dark, grab a drink, enjoy some music, mingle and experience the beautiful exhibits.

Self-guided exploration

If you’d rather explore nature on your own, we strongly recommend making a stop at RBG Discovery Station. This is where you can get a deeper understanding of the wetland homes of frogs and how to be friends with reptiles and amphibians. How cool is that, eh?


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Tickets to this colourful amphibian exhibition are now on sale. Since these are timed tickets, you need to pre-book your slot. Here, check out Royal Botanical Garden website below for more info on the exhibition and to book your slot.


Where: RBG Centre, 680 Plains Road W, Burlington
When: Friday, January 20th to Sunday, April 16th, 2023


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