The Great North has earned quite the reputation for being kind, but how do our cities compare to those around the globe? A popular travel brand just released its list of ‘friendliest cities in the world’ and the rankings might surprise you!

Known for their annual Reader’s Choice Awards, Condé Nast Traveler has announced their 2023 results and to our delight, Canada came in first, second, third AND fifth in the coolest category.

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“We spend days – weeks even – planning trips, from relaxing weekend getaways to those once-in-a-lifetime, perspective-shifting long-haul holidays, going through lists, double-checking details and ensuring everyone joining is catered for,” they explain.

“So when we arrive at our destination, we hope for a warm welcome – and there are many cities across the globe ready to lavish it on you in abundance.”

In order to help adventure-seekers find the best places for 5-star service, the publication asked thousands of people to vote in a number of different categories.

From excellent and very good, to good, fair and poor – each city was considered, tallied, then given a final score based on their average with Calgary receiving the highest of them all!

Recognized for its restaurants, nightlife and close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the southern Alberta city was given a 97.86 out of 10, followed by Edmonton, which was given a 95.71.


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“The capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, Edmonton, is fast becoming a sought-after destination thanks to its slower pace and community-oriented atmosphere,” they wrote.

“Locals are friendly and ready to welcome newcomers to check out the city’s frozen castles, ice hockey and maybe even the Northern Lights in winter and a wealth of festivals and riverside frolics in the summer.”

As for the rest of the list? Victoria and Quebec City were also given a spot in the top 5!

Want to see who else placed? Here are the friendliest cities in the world:

  1. Calgary, Canada. Score 97.86
  2. Edmonton, Canada. Score 95.71
  3. Victoria, Canada. Score 95.51
  4. Dublin, Ireland. Score 95.37
  5. Quebec City, Canada. Score 94.92
  6. Malaga, Spain. Score 94.19m
  7. Izmir, Turkey. Score 93.85
  8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Score 93.13
  9. Cartagena, Colombia. Score 93.02
  10. Mexico City, Mexico. Score 92.9

Did any of these surprise you, Canada? Who do you think are the friendliest cities in the world? Let us know and heck, maybe we’ll see you or around the top 5. We love some good hospitality! 

Enjoy and keep it up!