Canadians certainly have a reputation for being polite and neighbourly compared to the rest of the world, but how does each city measure up when it comes to being the ‘friendliest?’ According to a new ranking by Betway Insider, there are several factors that come into play that make a city ‘friendly.’

This includes the happiness of its residents, positive sentiments about the city, and how often residents volunteer at community organizations.

So with that in mind, let’s dive into how each major Canadian city ranks on the list of the ‘friendliest’ cities.

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friendliest cities in canada
Photo via Betway Insider

We’ll start with Toronto, which ranks at the top for the percentage of people who volunteer their time. Last year alone, over 93,510 people searched for volunteering opportunities in their area.

Interestingly, the city ranks 16th out of 20 Canadian cities for its happiness score (45.97%), and 8th for positive sentiment. So while Torontonians are charitable with their time and energy, they don’t rank as high in terms of average happiness or positivity level.

Meanwhile, Vaughan scored the highest for happiness (59.67%) and second for positive sentiment, making it the second ‘friendliest’ city in Canada.

Vancouver comes in third for the happiest Canadian cities, ranking fourth overall for positive sentiment and second for the number of volunteering-related searches.

Like Toronto, Vancouver did not rank as high in terms of its happiness score as one might think, coming in at 14th out of 20 cities (46.47%)

In Alberta, 49.35% of Calgarians, who came in at 12th, reported being happy where they are, as did 41.35% of Edmontonians – although Edmonton ranked 19th on the ranking.

This certainly differs from a global ranking released earlier this year, which saw Calgary as the friendliest city in the world! That one also ranked Toronto as the 5th friendliest in the world.

So there you have it, Canada! Do you agree with the ranking??