From beautiful mountain views and sports teams to incredible food and our polite reputation, Canadians have a lot to be proud of, but how do we stack up against other countries?

According to a recent list of the world’s friendliest cities, people still think we’re among the nicest in the world and the honourable mentions might surprise you.

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Using information collected from public forums like Reddit, Insider Monkey was able to determine the 30 places where tourists felt most welcome.

Each city was given a score based on the number of times it was mentioned and then ranked accordingly and to our delight 3 made the cut. 

Awarded the 11th spot – Montreal, Quebec was revered for its diversity, while Toronto, Ontario came in at number 5 for its vibrancy and ability to host over 27.5 million visitors annually.

Other places mentioned include Melbourne, Australia, Lisbon, Portugal, Madrid, Spain and at number one?

Calgary, Alberta – the friendliest place in the world for 2024.


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“Calgary, a city in the Canadian province of Alberta, tops our rankings of the friendliest cities in the world,” they wrote, adding that this contributed $2 billion to the economy.

In 2018, the citizens of Calgary extended a warm welcome to nearly 7.7 million visitors,” they concluded.

As for the others? Here are the 30 friendliest cities in the world for 2024:

  1. Calgary, Canada
  2. Madrid, Spain
  3. Lisbon, Portugal
  4. Melbourne, Australia
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Porto, Portugal
  9. Sydney, Australia
  10. Dublin, Ireland
  11. Montreal, Canada
  12. Bangkok, Thailand
  13. Munich, Germany
  14. Barcelona, Spain
  15. Mexico City, Mexico
  16. Auckland, New Zealand
  17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  18. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  19. Hanoi, Vietnam
  20. Cape Town, South Africa
  21. Muscat, Oman
  22. Stockholm, Sweden
  23. New Orleans, United States
  24. Nairobi, Kenya
  25. Seville, Spain
  26. Tokyo, Japan
  27. Izmir, Turkey
  28. Jaipur, India
  29. Geneva, Switzerland
  30. Liverpool, United Kingdom

Did any of these surprise you, Canada? Who do you think are the friendliest cities in the world? If it’s not on this year’s list, there’s always 2025.

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ hospitality?

Enjoy and keep it up!