Winter is in full swing which means it’s time to enjoy some winter dates. While staying in and watching Netflix might feel like the best thing to do. there are definitely some fun things to check out in and around the city. Here are 10 awesome cheap or free date ideas in Seattle this winter.

Head to the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Why not see some beautiful plants and stay warm this winter? The Volunteer Park Conservatory is the perfect place to head for an afternoon of relaxing meandering. You can revel at the indoor plants and then wander outside and see the rest of the amazing things that Volunteer Park has to offer.

Where: 1400 East Galer Street
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM-4 PM
Cost: $6, Free Days: 1st Thursdays and 1st Saturdays of each month.

Visit a museum for free


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Believe it or not, you can actually check out select local museums for free. That’s all thanks to a handy dandy pass that you can check out from Seattle Public Library. So plan ahead and get the most out of your library membership by snagging a free pass to a local museum.

Walk the waterfront


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If you’ll be downtown you can’t go wrong with walking the waterfront. You can walk through Pike Place Market, pick up some ingredients for dinner and then head down to the piers. Catch a glimpse of the sunset, do some good old people-watching, and enjoy one of the highlights of Seattle.

You can also enjoy a Puget Sound sunset while staying warm by the new Fire Pit on Pier 62, which takes place on Sundays in January.

Hop on the ferry


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Taking the ferry definitely varies in price depending on which island you’re headed to and how you’re boarding. But if you decide to take a trip by foot or bike, it’s considerably more affordable and definitely a fun date idea. Head across the water to Bainbridge or a bit further north towards the San Juans.

Grab a coffee

Sure it’s simple but grabbing a cup of joe with someone is a great way to get to know each other. Take your coffee to go and you can get to know each other over Seattle’s most iconic beverage and a beautiful walk. While Seattle has many great coffee shops, we’ve made a list of our favorites just for you.

Cost: Under $10

Stroll through Pike Place Market

We don’t know about you guys but we always love a trip to Pike Place. It’s a timeless piece of Seattle history and a great spot to pick up some delicious ingredients to make dinner with your date or SO. Plus you can wander downtown afterward.

Where: 86 Pike Pl

Enjoy some of Seattle’s best cheap eats


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Enjoying food with a date really doesn’t have to break the bank. Seattle has plenty of tasty restaurants that are also affordable. It’s not only a chance to eat with your date but also to try something new!

Where: Multiple locations
Cost: Under $15

Watch the sunset at Kerry Park

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Every person who lives in Seattle needs to do this at least once. And you might as well bring your date along for the experience. After all, Kerry Park is one of the city’s best viewpoints and we bet you’ll both love it.

Where: 250 W Highland Dr

Go for a hike

Image via Rattlesnake Ridge (Kris Venden/Shutterstock)

This is possibly the most PNW date you could have, but it’s a good one. And beyond paying for gas, there are tons of free hiking trails and parks in the state. If you need ideas you can check our waterfall hike list that we’ve linked or you can start with something easy and fun like Rattlesnake Ridge.

Where: You can find options here

Go ice skating


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There are several places to go ice skating in and around Seattle this winter. Prices vary by rink and skate time. You can also choose between renting skates or bringing your own. Of course, we’ve created a list of some of the best spots to check out.

That’s what we have for free or cheap dates in Seattle this winter. Enjoy!