With summer just around the corner, the outdoors have been on our minds. If you’re planning your summer camping, there’s a pretty sweet perk of being a Seattle Public Library cardholder that you might just want to know about. It turns out that the library offers a lot more than just books, you can also check out a Discovery Pass.

Normally a Discover Pass will cost you $11.50 for a day or $35 for a year. If you’re planning to visit multiple state parks in a year, purchasing a Discover Pass is definitely an economical choice. But if it’s not in the budget or you’d just rather save some cash, you can still use one without paying a cent! The Seattle Public Library has 27 Discover Passes available for you to use.

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The passes are checked out similarly to books in that you place a hold and are able to use them for up to two weeks. That being said, there are lots of holds on the 52 passes available so we recommend placing your holds ASAP. Because who doesn’t want access to millions of acres of state recreation lands?

The Discover Pass is truly the best way to see Washington State Parks. You can visit 100 developed state parks, over 350 primitive recreation sites, almost 700 water-access points, and much more. Why not get your name on the holds list?