As we near the absolute best time of the year – knowing where to go and when is crucial. Now we realize that may sound dramatic, but this season is all about the theatrics and where better to find them than DARK at Fort Edmonton. A spine-tingling experience that will have you, and the friend you only brought because you know you could outrun them, absolutely terrified.

With three immersive haunts, live entertainment, a RAVEyard and food trucks, this unlucky 13-day event is not one you’ll want to miss – and it all kicks off today, Thursday, October 7th!

Step right up to the Under The Big Top – where a night out at the circus becomes an absolute nightmare, navigate what’s left of a lab after a parasitic outbreak mutated the scientists at Core Industries and escape a slaughter during the Blood Harvest after a family sells their soul to the devil in hopes of gaining prosperity.

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Survive all that? Then grab a bite to eat – at that point you would definitely deserve it.

Now, it is important to note that if you do decide that you’re brave enough – that you bring proof of vaccination.

As per the Alberta governments’ recommendations, because this is a larger-scale shindig, all guests must be immunized or have a negative COVID test.

Still interested? For more information or to snag a ticket or two, you can visit their website here. Enjoy, Edmonton! …. If you dare! 


When: Thursday, October 7th – October 31st
Where: 7000 143 Street NW
Time: 7 pm – 11 pm
Cost: $45+