There’s no time like the present to start dreaming about ways to give your home a boost. Or, maybe you’ve been dreaming about it for quite a while but the thought of having to do the work has you completely overwhelmed. Maybe the thought of the endless options at a home improvement store makes you want to avoid your project altogether. Whatever the cause, Improve Canada has a fix.

If you’re a Home and Garden Television fanatic like we are, you might be familiar with a guy named Mike Holmes. Ah, yes, the muscular mastermind of Making It Right. Well as it turns out, Mr. Holmes has put his seal of approval on Improve Canada, the one-stop home improvement centre of your dreams, so you KNOW it’s gotta be good.

Let’s break it down. All you really need is a vision and a budget, and the folks at Improve Canada will take care of the rest. “All the rest? Like ALL of it?” you may be wondering. Yes. All! From the moment you walk in the doors for your appointment, you’ll get to meet with your selection of vendors, whether they’re suppliers, interior designers, electricians, or one of the whole gamut of other contractors.

They’ll help you with everything from selecting dimmer switches to paint swatches, to walking you through the more technical stuff like laying flooring or making sure your shower is sealed properly.

Even better? They don’t just send you out the door with the supplies and wish you luck. You’ll get to hand-select a team of professionals who will come into your space and do the work. And let’s be real – we’ve seen the people who work for Mike Holmes. So if he says this is the place to get your home improvement needs met, then you know it’s legit.

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The great news about all this is that you can get everything you need for your next home project in a totally COVID-safe way. When you book your appointment, you’re essentially getting a private shopping experience with the vendors you’ve planned to meet with. Sounds like a pretty VIP experience to us.

If you’re suddenly feeling motivated to paint your living room or retile your bathroom (we get it), now is the time to get your appointment booked at Improve Canada!

Find out more at or call their customer service team at (905) 677-2577.