On the hunt for scenic waterfalls? There’s a lovely waterfall to explore near Toronto this summer. Tiffany Falls is a magical lesser-known gem less than an hour away from Toronto and here’s what to know.

Located in Ancaster, Tiffany Falls Conservation Area is considered a “significant natural area” for its bedrock exposures, which are an Earth Science Area of Regional Significance.

From the parking lot, you’ll embark on a short trail that takes about 10 minutes to complete — unless you stop for photos of course, which you’ll definitely want to do.

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This lovely forested trail has a series of scenic bridges and gently flowing streams which you can even dip your toes into on a warm day. Refreshing!

Once you’ve made it to the end of the nature path, you’ll be greeted by the majestic 21-metre cascade of Tiffany Falls.

According to Tourism Hamilton, the waterfall falls from “a broad valley above the escarpment into a v-shaped ravine below, creating a memorable experience for visitors below, surrounded by cliffs on either side.”

There are a set of stairs that will take you up to a small observation deck where you can enjoy the falls in all of their glory.

Not far from these beautiful sights is the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area where you’ll find two more majestic cascades.

They don’t call Hamilton the city of waterfalls for nothing!

Now it’s time to plan your next adventure.

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

Where: 900 Wilson Street East, Ancaster