Want to experience the healing power of nature in a whole new way? Ontario Parks has opened its first-ever Forest Therapy Trail at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.

This trail is the first of its kind and it’s designed to help people unwind and connect with themselves and nature in a more meaningful way.

This isn’t your average walk in the woods — forest therapy is designed to be a profound experience.

Along the Tower Trail at McGregor Point, visitors will get to take themselves on a self-guided healing walk.

There will be a series of mindfulness prompts along the way “inviting you to explore a deeper connection within nature and within yourself,” says Ontario Parks.

“In slowing down to awaken our senses, we bring our bodies into a deeper awareness of the forest — a place we evolved — and into our parasympathetic nervous system.”

“Forest therapy uses a series a specially designed invitations along a trail to help bring us into the present moment.”

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The profound impact of nature on mental health and physical well-being is widely recognized.

In collaboration with the esteemed Global Institute of Forest Therapy, Ontario Parks has crafted this opportunity with all Ontarians in mind.

Located near Port Elgin, Ontario, MacGregor Point is one of the “most ecologically diverse natural places along the Lake Huron shoreline,” according to Ontario Parks.

It is home to a 7 km beach and tons of scenic hiking trails, as well as silver maple swamps, cattail marshes, and ponds filled with wildlife.

Remember to get your daily vehicle permit to MacGregor Point Provincial Park in advance. Permits can be obtained online up to five days before your visit.

Forest Therapy Trail at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

When: Opens on Friday, July 14th, 2023 at 1 PM
Where: Tower Trail, MacGregor Point Provincial Park, 1593 Bruce Road 33, Port Elgin