Employee wellness services are becoming hugely popular. And for all the right reasons. For one, they are a great way to make employees feel valued. For two, they serve as a good incentive for employees to work on-site. And three, they enhance overall performance and productivity by boosting brain power, reducing mental and physical fatigue and improving general health and well-being.

But employee wellness programs go far beyond offering free/ discounted gym memberships or stocking up on healthy snacks. It is more about creating a wellness-focused work culture. And For Health’s Sake is becoming a huge part of this culture, courtesy of their highly effective corporate health, aka, employee wellness services.

Employee Wellness Services, For Health's Sake
Photo via For Health’s Sake

The popular Toronto clinic is one of the major players in corporate health extending its employee wellness services to top tech, law firms and banks in Toronto. Their corporate health services include both, on-site and virtual services that focus on physical and mental health.

And here are three corporate health services they offer that are transforming Toronto’s corporate culture to be more wellness-focused—

Onsite Massage Therapy

It is common knowledge that massage is a great way to de-stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. This is why more and more companies are offering onsite massages. And For Health’s Sake happens to be one of the largest Onsite Registered Massage Therapy companies in Toronto that offers wellness services to some of the biggest banks, law firms and tech companies in the city.  

Their RMT will bring everything to you during work hours. This includes the massage table and relaxing music. All you have to do is arrange a private space for them to set up. Once you (or the HR) have set up a date with them, employees can then go on their online booking system, Janeapp, to book 30 or 45 min sessions.

Their RMTs specialize in sports rehab and therapeutic massage therapy and can help get rid of body aches that directly impact productivity. Plus, employees don’t have to take time off to take care of these concerns.

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Be it in an office or while working from home, we spend most of our day in our workspace. So, it is important that the space is designed keeping our health and wellness in mind. For Health’s Sake comes with more than nine years of experience assessing and aiding ergonomics at banks and government institutions. And they can do the same for your workplace.

They offer virtual and onsite ergonomic services for both larger groups and individuals. The experts at For Health’s Sake can help identify ergonomic risk factors and provide apt solutions to optimize your employees’ workstations, be it in office or at home.

Virtual Corporate Health Services

In addition to physical services, For Health’s Sake also offers virtual corporate wellness services. These are centred around mental health and well-being.

Now, we don’t really need to get into how important mental health is. Equipping your employees with tools to help deal with stress, anxiety and general work pressure can go a long way in increasing productivity and performance. And For Health’s Sake offers virtual sessions with Registered Psychotherapists and Social Workers to help achieve that.

Employee Wellness Services, For Health's Sake
Photo via For Health’s Sake

The best part – you can get a free video or phone consultation to make sure that you are being paired with a therapist that best fits your needs.

They also offer several online classes including meditation and breath work that you and your employees can sign-up for.

With these corporate health services, For Health’s Sake has been enriching the city’s work culture and making it more wellness-focused. Check out their website below to learn more about their corporate health services.