A natural swimming area, scenic lookout and sandy beach all in one place! Foley Mountain Conservation Area can be found atop a granite ridge overlooking the historic Upper Rideau waterway and the village of Westport. Put this down as a must-visit this summer and get ready for a day full of adventure.

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Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Image via Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

The most popular spot at Foley Mountain Conservation Area is the Spy Rock lookout.

This lookout oversees Upper Rideau and Westport, with beautiful views that aren’t too tricky to get to. The hike is relatively easy to navigate as it’s well-marked, just be sure to wear proper footwear as some of the granite ridges can get slippery.

If staying closer to the shore is more your pace then you’re going to want to check out Foley’s sandy beach.

The beachfront is east of the Spy Rock lookout and if you want to dive into something extra special then keep heading east of the beach along Upper Rideau Lake to find the conversation area’s natural swimming area!

The natural swimming area also has some picnic benches so be sure to pack a lunch to enjoy after your swim.

If you need any help finding an attraction at the park you can refer to this map that Foley provides, marking all the significant landmarks you may want to check out.

A day pass to visit costs $8 per day or $55 for an annual pass. There’s a pay machine on site that accepts coins and credit cards.

If you want to get ahead you can also pay ahead and purchase your pass online, using the app, or over the phone.

Have fun, Ontario!

Foley Mountain Conservation Area

Where: 105 Foley Mountain Ln, Westport, ON