Now this is what we call a natural wonder! No, it’s not Niagara Falls but it IS in Ontario. Potholes Provincial Park is known for its very distinctive bedrock scenery and “potholes” as its name suggests. Here’s what to know.

Though it’s not a day trip adventure, it’s worth the nine-hour drive north. It has yet to open for the season but it’s time to add it to your bucket list!

According to Ontario Parks, Potholes Provincial Park is home to “distinctive bedrock scenery including ‘potholes’ formed by glacial erosion, miniature waterfalls and boreal forest along the Kinniwabi River.”

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And the best part about it is that these unique potholes are near the parking lot, so getting to and from your car won’t be much of a hassle.

Embark on a little history tour along the boardwalks thanks to informational signs. The self-guided hiking trail is only 350 metres long and winds around these pothole landforms. The interpretive panels share info on the geology, flora and fauna found in this nature reserve.

“Colourful interpretive panels take you back 10,000 years where the glacial meltwater carrying debris of enormous erosive power,” says Ontario Parks,

Today, water from the Kinniwabi River still flows and pools inside these potholes, even forming miniature waterfalls.

And as you make your way along the path, you may be swayed with the sounds of songbirds, including warblers, flycatchers, and Northern Sparrows, depending on the season.

So if you’re in the area, make a pit stop and check out these jaw-dropping wonders. It’s a sight to see.

Potholes Provincial Park

When: Opens June 7, 2024 to September 2, 2024
East of Wawa on Highway 101, Algoma District