Fans of Nordic spa experiences are in for a real treat. An application for the first floating spa in BC was submitted to the City of Victoria early last year, and it was just approved last week. Get ready for the ultimate wellness getaway!

Put forth by HAVN experiences LTD, the floating spa will be constructed aboard a barge totalling in 144 feet in length, offering passengers all the classic Nordic amenities they could possibly dream of. Hot tubs, freshwater cold pools, saunas, and relaxation spots amongst lush green spaces all await. And as of Thursday, January 12th, the project has been unanimously approved for Ships Point in Victoria’s inner harbour.

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floating sauna bc victoria
Photo via HAVN

What’s more, the developers are aiming to include a flex space, which would allow for community events like concerts and speakers series. In short, the floating park & spa will be a serious destination not just for locals, but tourists from all over the world.

According to the City of Victoria’s recent Council & Committee meeting, construction will utilize 90% reused and recycled materials, seamlessly integrating the “industrial character of the harbour” and the marine environment.

“The revitalization of Ship Point has been envisioned for decades, we are determined to bring year-round vibrancy and activation to the area,” says HAVN Experiences.

With the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Destination Greater Vancouver, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, and much more on board, it’s only a matter of time before development is underway. And while it’ll be quite some time before the spa experience opens to the public, we can’t help but get excited about the final result!