Ready to see the city from a whole new angle? Why not take to the skies? There are several different flight tours that you can take in & around Seattle this winter. Grab your jackets and buckle your seatbelts because we’re about to take flight!

Kenmore Air


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Kenmore Air is perhaps one of the best locally known seaplane charters. You can charter planes to get to and from your destination and even up into BC, Canada. But they also happen to offer four scenic flights, one over Lake Washington, one over Seattle, one over both Mt Saint Helens & Mt Rainier, and also a San Juan flight.

Cost: $99+ per person

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Northwest Seaplanes

Northwest Seaplanes is another great option for chartering seaplanes. They also offer a scenic tour of Seattle and/or the Cascade Mountains, dinner flights to restaurants, and flights around the San Juans. Not only that but they are open to custom tours and can accommodate up to 32 guests thanks to their fleet of planes.

Cost: $1,080+ per plane

Atomic Helicopter

If you’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter then it’s time to take a flight with Atomic Helicopter. You have the option of taking a city tour, lake tour, mountain tour, or private tour. Not to mention you can also charter the helicopter for excursions if that’s your thing.

Cost: $150+ per person

Ready to get airborne? We’ll keep our eyes peeled for you coasting over the city.