If you love your little dose of abandoned sites and ghost towns in Ontario, then you’re in luck. There’s an abandoned railway tunnel located north of Ontario that you can explore. Here’s what to know about the Flett Tunnel.

Though this is definitely not day trip material, if you happen to find yourself in the Thunder Bay area, make sure to add a stop at the Flett Tunnel.

What was once a bustling railway track back in the 1850s is now a stone-carved abandoned railway tunnel that now serves as a great photoshoot spot. If you’re interested in the history behind it, the railway track was once used by the Grand Trunk Railway, according to Canada’s official Twitter account. It was once the largest track in the country at the time! 

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Per the Canadian Encyclopedia, it spanned across 4,800 km from Winnipeg to Canada’s Pacific Coast. “The GTR was incorporated decades earlier, in 1852, under the sponsorship of Sir Francis Hincks, to build a much needed railway from Toronto to Montréal.”

Though it now lays empty, it surely is a breathtaking work of art as it stands tall at 630 feet.

This is a site definitely worth seeing so make sure you have your camera ready and make the trip to Thunder Bay. If it’s still a little too far for you, no worries, there are plenty of abandoned buildings, natural sites, and even ghost towns worth exploring, near Toronto.

Ontario never fails to dissapoint.

Flett Tunnel

Where: Thunder Bay, ON