Ontario is home to several forgotten communities that date back hundreds of years ago. These little pieces of history each have a story to tell and almost always leave us with questions unanswered. If you’re looking for a new and thrilling adventure in Ontario this fall, you’ll want to add this ghost town to your list – Furnace Falls.

It’ll take you about two and a half hours to drive to Furnace Falls from Toronto. According to Bancroft BIA, the ghost town is located in the Snowdon Township, right off Highway 503, 1.2 km along White Boundary Road.

Furnace Falls was settled in 1874 in order to accommodate workers at the Snowdon Iron Mine. However, now almost 150 years later, there is not much to see as only a few old log structures in an open field remain.

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“The northern section is on the former IB&O Railway line, now a recreational trail,” states Bancroft BIA.

As you explore the grounds, not too far from the ghost town is a small yet mighty cascade. You can get a nice view from the bridge that goes over the Irondale River.


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The cascade is actually pretty short, has two tiers, and isn’t very deep.

As for what happened to the ghost town, according to the BIA, the summer of 1887 was one of the driest on record and the logging operations by Bow Creek had left the bush filled with tops and debris.

And one dry September day, a flash fire completely engulfed the settlement and everything was destroyed.

Though Furnace Falls saw an unfortunate fate, its memory still remains, lingering within its ruins.

Now go out and explore a piece of Ontario’s history. You won’t regret it

Furnace Falls

Where: Snowdon Township, right off Highway 503