You may have missed it this morning, but Flair Airlines just narrowly avoided more or less getting shut down by regulators. We’re not worried about that though, because to celebrate, the Canadian airline is having a massive 50% off sale off all its flights in Canada. You don’t have much time to act, so here’s a quick rundown.

Basically, the budget airline is offering 50% off base fares for every single one of its routes in Canada between today and June 23rd. So, whether you’re tryna do an impromptu weekend getaway or visit a pal across the country, it might just be time to act.

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Of course, the whole ‘base far’ thing is a little bit misleading, as fees and taxes can add up quickly. Even still, we’re looking at one-way base prices around $45 from Calgary to Kelowna, or as low as $39 from Vancouver to Calgary. You gotta make a decision quick though, as the promotion will end on June 2nd at 11:59PM MST. Maybe it’s time to text a friend and see if you can couch surf a little bit.

Hmmm… we might have to do just that. After all, this airline has been a driving force behind ticket prices steadily falling nationwide, and we absolutely want to see more of it. To check out the options for yourself, just head over to the Flair Airlines website.