If you thought you saw something in the sky on Monday night, you probably did. A massive fireball lit up the Seattle night sky and was captured by several Seattleites. So if you missed it, here’s a look at some of the best fireball footage captured around the city.

Typically, Seattle is a pretty cloudy place which means we don’t always get to see what’s happening in the night sky. Monday was different with many Seattleites taking to Twitter to report sights of a bright, silent light that left as quickly as it came.

Here’s a great look at just how big and bright the explosion was.

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Here’s another look that shows just how quick and lucky you had to be to see the event.

This fireball is similar to another explosion that was captured by many Seattlites in October 2022. Like the other sighting, there’s nothing to fear, what you’re seeing is essentially an exceptionally bright meteor.

With any luck, this is the first of a few sightings this year. If you happen to see another fireball you can always log your sighting through the American Meteor Society.