Halloween movies are by far some of the most interesting pieces of cinema to exist, in our humble opinion. From the bizarre to the nostalgic, there are simply too many classics to choose just one favourite (or even a handful).

According to a new survey by Cineplex, there are three Halloween movies in particular that Canadians hold near and dear to their hearts. In first place is the classic wizarding tale of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, second is the strange but brilliant Beetlejuice, and third, of course, is Hocus Pocus.


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Over half of the respondents (58%) said that they enjoy scary movies, with 56% of them watching one to four scary movies in the weeks leading up to Halloween, according to a release. And the top 10% of horror buffs watch an impressive 15 movies ahead of the holiday – talk about commitment!

Top movies in BC

While the survey reveals these three picks as the overall favourites in the country, there were some notable differences across the provinces.

In BC, the third favourite film was actually a three-way tie between The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alien, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. To say that British Columbians are fans of many Halloween films would clearly be an understatement!

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So, if you’re looking for some classic movies to kick off your Halloweekend, this is a great place to start. And if you want to check out more scary flicks, you can view Cineplex’s Halloween collection here.

Well, that’s a wrap on the top favourite Halloween movies in BC. Time to settle in for a movie marathon and gorge on your fave fall treats. And a word to the wise: If you’re not making a batch of apple cider on your stove and letting the smell of apples and cinnamon fill your house, you’re missing out.