When it comes to employment, having the perfect balance between work and family commitments is important. And finding those employers that will help their staff find that balance is a plus. The annual Canada’s Top Family-Friendly Employers list is out and they’ve revealed those companies that are leaders in doing just that. Oh, and they’re hiring too.

According to the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project, this is one of its longest-running competitions. The list “recognizes the employers that do the most to help their employees balance work and family obligations.”

How are they picked? Editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers evaluate each employer based on the programs and initiatives they have to help employees balance work and family commitments, according to organizers.

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They look at a number of HR practices like maternity and parental leave; daycare assistance; paid personal- and earned-days-off (EDO) programs; flexible work arrangements; compassionate leave and elder care assistance; adoption assistance; reproductive assistance, including fertility drugs and IVF; and academic bursaries for employees’ children.

This year’s list includes 20 companies across the country.

Here’s who made the cut in 2024:

As for who’s hiring out of those that made the list, there are currently 73 employment opportunities in B.C., 15 in Alberta, about 279 opportunities in Ontario, and 79 in Quebec.

Test your luck and apply! Make sure that resume is up to date and good luck with your employment journey.