Crisp air, warm ciders, cozy sweaters and gold and crimson foliage! Fall sure is beautiful in all its colourful glory and an all-time fave fall day trip destination for anyone in and around the GTA is Caledon.

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Every time we have the itch to get away from the crowd without having to drive for hours, we head to this beautiful town. This is especially true come autumn, courtesy of all the incredible fall experiences the place offers. Here are 5 of many—

Fun-loaded Driving Routes

Driving in Caledon is an awesome way to enjoy the season’s colours and cool air – and the Town of Caledon has made it easy to enjoy with two fun driving routes. These routes take you through scenic views with breweries, boutique shops, art galleries, cafes, eateries and other pit stops marked along the way. Basically, the routes have everything you need for a perfect day-cation.

fall things to do caledon

Breweries, Cideries & More

Sipping on a hot or cold cider or a hoppy craft beer is a sure-shot way of taking your day-cation to a whole new level. The Town has made it even more rewarding for us to enjoy our fave brews with their #caledoncraft 6-pack challenge – and you can win BIG. Frankly, reward or not, Caledon’s craft creations are so darn delish that you’d want to snag more than just one 6-pack.

fall things to do caledon

All Pumpkin Everywhere

It’s raining pumpkins in Caledon! No matter the variety, the form or size, the farms and orchards here have you covered. Looking for a giant one to carve a spooky face? Done. Need a fresh one for your next Thanksgiving recipe? Done. Just want to dig into pumpkin-spiced drinks and desserts? Done and done.

fall things to do caledon

Apples Galore

Yes, the farms and orchards here have more than just gourds. There are tons of apples too and many varieties. If you’ve been meaning to go apple-picking, this is the place to be. Just make sure to hit the farms in time ‘cause harvest season ends in October.

fall things to do caledon

Hikes, Bikes & All Things Nice

Of course, trails made it to the itinerary. They are, after all, one of the best ways to enjoy the stunning and vibrant fall foliage – which Caledon trails have no shortage of. No matter what trail you hike, you’ll experience views that last for days. Most of their trails are also bike-friendly, just like the rest of the town.

fall things to do caledon

There you have it folks — a few fun reasons why fall-lovers have been flocking to Caledon. As should you!

Before you head out, we suggest you check out the Visit Caledon website below to plan your ideal trip. Oh, and definitely follow their Insta for all the fall inspo you need.