Halloween is around the corner so we’re taking this time to load up on all the spine-chilling adventures around. Now we’ve found a real doozy in the Jail Escape Hotel. This haunted location is great for a spooky stay all month long. But where they’re really going to shine is on Halloween night. You can stop by for a 24-hour scary adventure unlike any you’ve ever tried before.

The Jail Escape Hotel isn’t just some spooky-themed hotel. It actually was once a real prison! The Old Cobourg Jail hosted inmates from 1906 until it’s closure in 1998. Back then it was one of the biggest jails of it’s time, holding up to one hundred prisoners at once. After the jail closed, it was converted into the King George Inn. Although now it operates as a luxury hotel, the stories of its time as a prison still haunt the grounds.

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Itinerary is subject to change.

Posted by King George Inn Cobourg on Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Which is exactly what you’ll be immersing yourself in when you participate in their 24-hour event. The itinerary includes brain-teasing escape games, a four-course “last meal”, a paranormal presentation in the old prison courtyard, and a haunted ghost tour. You’ll explore all the abandoned nooks and crannies of the scary spot. Plus, if you go on Halloween, you’re welcome to dress as an inmate and really immerse yourself in the experience!

Whew, the whole thing sends chills down our spines! This one’s definitely one of the creepier Halloween options. If you’re brave enough to participate, you can book your reservation right here.

Good luck!


Where: 77 Albert St, Cobourg
Tickets: Choose your package here.