Speaking from experience, there are few resolutions as hard to keep up with as losing stubborn body fat.. The frustrating part is that it isn’t because of our lack of trying. Stubborn fat is just a B-word that way. But there is a new clinic in town that can help take care of stubborn body fat, from chin to ankle.. Enter: Elite Body Sculpture!

The clinic is the first-ever international office of the advanced fat reduction technique, AirSculpt+.

While the procedure is new to Toronto, it isn’t exactly new. It was developed by celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Aaron Rollins, in 2012. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Elite Body Sculpture has some 21 offices across the US. And they finally opened their first international location. Lucky for us, it happened to be TO.

Amidst the charming Yorkville neighborhood, now sits Elite Body Sculpture. 

So, what exactly is AirSculpt+?

Photo via Elite Body Sculpture

The AirSculpt+ experience is a body contouring procedure that can get rid of stubborn fat, from chin to ankles. And it does so without using any needles, scalpels or stitches. In fact, the procedure is performed by highly experienced plastic surgeons while you are awake.

It also does not require much downtime. Most people get back to their daily routine often in less than 48 hours.  Results may vary depending on the patient.

Photo via Elite Body Sculpture

Photo via Elite Body Sculpture

All you have to do is get a consultation and book the procedure.. You can usually get an appointment within a month.

Check out the www.airsculpt.ca below for more info about the technique and the clinic.


33 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto