Nestled in within Bonnechere Valley, this tiny township has so much to discover from caves to fossils! Whether you’re nearby or want to make the road trip, add Eganville to your list of places to visit in Ontario.

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eganville ontario
Image via Bonnechere Caves

Located in Eaganville, an hour and a half outside of Ottawa, is the Bonnechere Caves. These stunning caves are available to check out with Bonnechere Caves website stating, “We have been welcoming people from all over the world for over 55 years. We provide a safe, educational, informative and fun tour for people of all ages. Everyone from babies in backpacks to senior citizens have enjoyed the handiwork of Mother Nature here.”

The caves open to the public in the spring and summer and you can look at the schedule and rates here if you want to book a tour.

Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre is another fascinating part of this community. Shaw Woods is one of only a few old growth forests sites remaining in Ontario, home to trees over 200 years old. Guests can explore 50ha of old growth forests and 160ha of wetlands, plus mixed forest on 14km of trails.

It just keeps getting cooler as Eganville is home to fossils dating back all the way to the Ordovician which was about 443.7 million years ago! Ancient sea creatures are fossilized in the limestone that once was the mud at the bottom of oceans covering the community’s land.

You can check out the large collection of fossils at the Bonnechere Museum, or look for some yourself on an organized Fossil Hunt with Caveman Chris. 

With so much to explore and learn you’ll want add Eaganville to your spots to visit as soon as possible!