If you thought Toronto was one-of-a-kind then think again! Just kidding – kind of. While Toronto as a city offers many things that make it its own, the name seems to be a popular choice. Yep, other cities and towns share a name with us ranging from the United States all the way to Australia!

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Toronto, New South Wales

new south wales
Image via visitnsw.com

This Toronto is down under! Toronto, New South Wales, is in Australia – the largest town on the western side of Lake Macquarie. According to the town’s website, “Toronto is a picturesque waterside getaway that throws the doors open to aquatic adventures, seafood dining and spectacular natural wonders.” Sounds beautiful!

Where: New South Wales, Australia

Toronto, Illinois 

This township in Illinois called Toronto is very different than the Toronto Ontarians know! This community is small, only sporting a few streets and is located in a rural part of Illinois 3 hours outside of Chicago. This area of Illinois is quiet so you won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle Toronto, Ontario, has.

Where: Illinois, United States of America

Toronto, Kanas 

Image via Kathy Alexander/legendsofkansas.com

Welcome to Toronto, Kanas! This small town is in Kanas’ Woodson County on the Verdigris River. The most recent update on the population of this Toronto is probably the same number of people living on one floor of a Toronto, Ontario high rise – 206.

Where: Kanas, United State of America

Toronto, Missouri 

Would you believe this township in Missouri is located just four miles from another town that share a name with an Ontario city? Toronto, Missouri, is just a quick drive from Montreal, Missouri! While it isn’t clear if this a coincidence, it’s pretty cool!

Where: Missouri, United States of America

Toronto, Ohio 

Image via Sean Marshall/seanmarshall.ca

Toronto, Ohio, is is situated in Eastern Ohio along the Ohio River. This quiet city is also quite small but does have an elementary school and a high school. The name Toronto was rumoured to have been picked because local businessman W.F. Dunspaugh, a Toronto, Ontario native, said it was a place worth emulating.

Where: Ohio, United States of America.

Toronto, South Dakota 

south dakota
Image via city-data.com

Another small town called Toronto! This Toronto is in South Dakota is home to only 196 people according to the US Census. Blink and you just might miss it!

Where: South Dakota, United States