Well folks, after almost a year of waiting Edmonton’s CFL team has revealed their new name- say hello to the Edmonton Elks! Following the decision to drop the name ‘Eskimos’ last July, the team picked the new name from a list of potential options. Here’s a quick rundown.

Alongside Edmonton dropping the name last year, the CFL announced that the 2020 season would be cancelled entirely. So, we can only assume that the team itself was in no rush to pick a new name, since it would be months before the sport came back around.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the team released a shortlist for fans to weigh in on back in February. These were:

  • Edmonton Elk
  • Edmonton Evergreens
  • Edmonton Evergolds
  • Edmonton Eclipse
  • Edmonton Elkhounds
  • Edmonton Eagles
  • Edmonton Elements

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Evidently, the team very much wanted to keep the ‘EE’ design intact, as well as the colour scheme. Even from this list, it was clear (at least on social media) that the Edmonton Elk was a frontrunner, and it was only going to be a matter of time before it became offical.

Well, that happened this morning, but with one small change- turns out that ‘Elks’ is the preferred term for a larger group of elk, so an ‘s’ was added to the end.

Either way, we’re happy with the new name, and we’re even happier that the new shop is already open. We’re ready for some football this fall, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to show our support in person!