We probably don’t have to tell you that Edmonton has long been a sleeper pick of a place to live, but it’s still nice to see some recognition for it. The latest list of the top communities in Canada, published by Maclean’s, has seen Edmonton land in the top five! Here’s how we got there.

For this year’s list, Maclean’s had a little bit of shakeup in their methodology. They’re betting that remote work is going to be the future, so they swapped out local economy data for internet access instead. Then, they streamlined a couple of things, like combining housing and rent (since the two are often correlated).

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Photo via Maclean’s

There were 9 categories in total, ranging from local crime stats to taxes and amenities. Edmonton, in particular, was recognized for its internet access strength, amenities, and the general health of the community. We did some digging, and we were 5th for internet, 2nd for amenities (interesting), and 7th for health.

Which put us in 5th place overall for the best communities in Canada! Not bad, considering over 400 communities were included in the rankings. To check them out for yourself in full, just click here.