If you find yourself driving through Laurier this week, you might see a pretty incredible sight- a rainbow igloo sitting ever so prettily out front of a residential home. If you’re confused about why this igloo popped up in Edmonton, don’t worry, we were too. So, we went ahead and found the story behind it!

Turns out, the igloo is part of what one Edmonton person is calling a #labourforlove. Tyler Gamblin, who is among other things, a marathon runner, physiotherapist, and dad, came up with the idea alongside his wife, brother, and friends. But, as they were building the igloo, passersby would stop and mention that it was quite the ‘labour of love’. You can probably see where this is going…

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Rather than have it stay a pretty decoration, Gamblin is using the igloo (and the visibility it brings) to Team Rehab, which is part of the international MS Bike fundraiser. He decided he’d begin sleeping in the igloo on January 23rd to raise money. Basically, donation goals were set to raise the funds- $3,000 for each of the first two nights he’d stay in the igloo, and $4,000 for the third.

But, wouldn’t you know it- it’s already passed that goal, as well as an additional $5,000 to sleep in it for a fourth night! Now, we’re looking at a total of $20,000 for 5 nights in the igloo, but honestly, we could see it surpassing that as well. All the money is, after all, going towards a very good cause.

Whether you want to check out the igloo in person or to support Gamblin in his altruistic endeavour, you should head to the official fundraiser page. You can check out the spot yourselves at 14508 86 Avenue NW (in Laurier).

We wish him the best of luck as he sleeps outside, and all the donations he can get!