It’s the end of an era – but a new beginning for those who rely on transit. According to the City of Calgary, Eau Claire Market downtown will be closing its doors to make way for the city’s Green Line LRT – a project that will run from the north-central communities, through downtown and into the far south.

As per the statement, officials and Harvard Developments, the company that owns a portion of the land at Eau Claire Market, have reached an agreement in which the city will be able to build an underground station at 2nd Avenue SW.

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Photo via City of Calgary

“Green Line was designed as a city-shaping project and there is no greater example of that than the opportunities for future transit-oriented development at this site,”  said Darshpreet Bhatti, CEO of Green Line LRT.

“This is a critically important station along the 46-km future alignment and will bridge the Eau Claire and Chinatown communities and connect Calgarians to a treasured part of the city.”

Not ready to say your goodbyes? You’ve still got time!

Photo via City of Calgary

Eau Claire’s land will not be transferred until the second quarter of 2024 – meaning there’s still time to take it all in, shop around or see a movie.

Once the deal is done, however, the shopping centre will be demolished – so enjoy it while you can.

Times are changing, Calgary and big things are coming. Stay tuned and stay ready! Who knows what will happen next?