If you’ve always to pair your summer picnic with some wine or beer, you may be able to do so legally this summer. A pilot project to allow drinking in Toronto parks is now being proposed to city council.

The motion has been brought forward by Councillors Shelley Carroll and Chris Moise.

The councillors say that across the country, major cities are adopting similar pilots to allow alcohol consumption in public parks.

“In Toronto, alcohol in parks is illegal but largely unenforced: No tickets were issued in 2022,” says a summary of the motion.

If approved, the pilot would run from July 1st, 2023 to October 9th, 2023.

That’s why Councillor Carroll and Moise believe that Toronto should fall in line with other Canadian cities by “acknowledging the desire for options to drink in public parks” and initiating a pilot program this summer.

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In the motion, it says that City staff will engage with local neighbourhoods and City Councillors across the city to “evaluate the pilot’s suitability for the Toronto context.”

They will also consider all of the possible needs and outcomes of this pilot, including “access to washrooms, waste receptacles, and necessary clean-up efforts.”

The pilot will be considered at this week’s city council session.

It wouldn’t be the first time that this idea was brought forward to council.

Last year, Councillor Josh Matlow reintroduced the same motion to allow drinking in Toronto parks in the form of a pilot project.

However, former mayor John Tory voted to delay the decision until this year.

We’re hoping that this means it’ll finally get approved this year!