It may be hidden and abandoned, but this TTC subway station has seen its fair share of on-screen time whether in movies or music videos. And now, it will be open to the public for one day this weekend only.

Bay Lower Station is just as it sounds, it is the station beneath a station. And according to the City of Toronto, although Bay Lower has been off limits to the public for years, the station has not been hidden away.

“Numerous commercials, television shows and movies have been shot at Bay Lower such as Total Recall, Resident Evil, Suicide Squad and many more,” states the City.

“This is your opportunity to stroll the station where the likes of Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Mark Wahlberg, The Weeknd, Drake and many others have come to work.”

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Bay Lower Station has been closed to the public since 1966, according to the TTC. It also says that in addition to film and TV production, Bay Lower Station is used for training, and for moving trains and work cars between Lines 1 and 2.

“When Line 2 opened in 1966, alternate trains used the ‘Wye’ connection in Bay Lower that allowed customers to travel from Line 1 to Line 2 without changing trains. The TTC tested this system for six months, but it was ultimately closed to revenue service,” says the TTC.

The abandoned station will be open as part of Doors Open on Saturday, May 28, from 10 am to 5 pm. Last admittance will be at 4:30 pm.

Bay Lower Station is located at 1240 Bay Street and is only accessible by stairs, but some activities will be available on the concourse level at Bay Station. To get to the concourse level, customers can use the Cumberland Terrace entrance elevator located inside the lower level of Cumberland Terrance (on the East side of Bay St. across from Bay Station) and ramp access to Bay Station.

And note, masks will be required to enter!