Want to change the world, but aren’t sure how? It’s easier than you think! All you have to do is simply crack open a cold one. Full stop. Thanks to Calgary brewery Bitter Sisters and their Donation Libation project, that’s all that you need to do to begin making an impact

To those who may not already know the BS brewery has pledged 25 cents from every beer sold to a different charity this month and every month. This will only apply to the beer of their choice, which rotates every 30 days, meaning you may actually have already given back, but just weren’t aware of it.

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This time around the brewery will be donating to Pause For Change, an organization that shelters Alberta Animals and gives them the care that they deserve.

All you have to do is pop by and order one (or several) glasses of their Timid Tom Brown Ale and bam, that’s it. It really couldn’t be easier. For this reason (and of course, because their beer is really good)  we couldn’t recommend checking them out enough, so let loose, Calgary! Get your goodwill on.


Where:  510 Heritage Drive SW, Calgary